The E3 uses a dry cutting process and a powerful dust collection system to maintain a clean working environment.  The 30K high-speed spindle and Makino’s proprietary SGI.5 Control Technology substantially shortens machining time and machining accuracy.

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Technical Specifications


The full enclosed splash guard contains the graphite dust. The dust is collected into the dust collector by the powerful suction system. The differential pressure between outside and inside of the machine ensure that the dust does not escape into the working environment. 

There is zero chip (or dust) incursion due to both spindle face cleaning and spindle taper cleaning. 

Table: 600 x 400 mm
X: 500 mm Y: 400 mm Z: 400 mm

Spindle RPM

30,000 rpm

Spindle Taper

HSK - E40

Rapid Traverse

30,000 mm/min

Cutting Feedrate

30,000 mm/min

Maximum Workpiece

975 x 500 x 580 mm

Maximum Payload

400 kg

ATC Capacity

30 개