고정도 NC 방전가공기


고정도 NC 방전가공기

The EDGE3 machine provides open and unrestricted access for the operator to the work zone with a 4-sided programmable rise and fall work tank, and achieves reliable and repeatable precision through a stationary work table design.  

The advanced technologies and intelligent design of the EDGEi-Series machines deliver an unparalleled value, capability, and reliable productivity to Sinker EDM operations. The EDGE3i machine provides open and unrestricted access for the operator to the work zone with a 4-sided programmable rise and fall work tank, and achieves consistent repeatable precision through a stationary work table machine design. 

The foot print of the EDGE3i is dramatically reduced by integrating the di-electric reservoir into the base casting of the machine, eliminating the need for external holding tanks, and this design enhances thermal stability coupled with the standard di-electric chiller unit.  Floor space requirements are further reduced by integrating the ATC (Automatic Tool Change) system internal to the machine beneath the X/Y structure, providing greater process efficiency and unattended operation capability. 
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Technical Specifications

The EDGEi-Series machines redefine the meaning of what user-friendly operation is by focusing on the needs of the operator, and features Makino’s innovative Hyper-i Control interface that utilizes a 24” wide HD touch screen display to deliver a commanding view over machine operation. 

The Hyper-i control is pioneering with its intuitive smartphone-like operation, and its efficiency enhances the capability and productivity potential of operators of any skill level. The system contains many integrated advanced support functions, such as the interactive E-Tech Doctor that helps make expert-level adjustment to burn conditions, and contain instructional videos that can be conveniently accessed at any time while the standard advanced Handbox with LED display and Emergency Stop button deliver greater power and efficiency to the operator’s fingertips. 

The EDGE3i simplifies Programming and Setup operations on the machine using the Hyper-i controls streamlined graphical layout, and the Project function features a step-by-step tutorial mode that guides the operator through the entire process of creating a program.

The EDGE3i is loaded with a productive mix of advanced technologies to support a wide variety of applications. The EDGEi-Series machines produce uniform surface finish with excellent metallurgical quality that is free from surface defects such as pin holes or pitting through the use of exclusive SuperSurface and SuperEdge generator technologies. 

Productivity and part quality are hallmarks of the Makino IES (Intelligent Expert System) and SuperSpark4 advanced adaptive power and jump control technologies. These adaptive technologies improve accuracy and cycle time by automatically stabilizing the EDM discharge process, and this effectively minimizes electrode wear and lowers manufacturing costs while elevating productivity.

Table: 600 x 450 mm
X: 450 mm Y: 300 mm Z: 320 mm

Rapid Traverse

5,000 mm/min

Maximum Workpiece Weight

800 kg

ATC Capacity

5개, 8개, 16개

Tank Size

800 x 550 x 350 mm

Drop Tank


Max Electrode Weight

50 kg

Max Available Amperage